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People at FindingFive

The FindingFive project is made possible by the voluntary work from the following individuals:


Ting Qian

President; Board Trustee

Noah Nelson

VP of Product; Board Trustee

Rachel Connor

VP of User Experience; Board Trustee

Software Engineering

Ting Qian

VP of Engineering

Xiaohui Pang

Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Ellen Poplavska

Software Engineer (User Experience)

Bryan Kang

Senior Software Engineer (Reliability)

Phillip Weston


Mingjun Ma

Software Engineer (Backend)

Ryan Salom

Software Engineer (Backend & Data)

Content Development

Owen Adams

VP of Content

Victoria Nicoletta

Lead Content Developer (Video)

Ashley McDermott

Learner Analysis Scientist

Operations & Product

Caryn Ainley

Business Administrator

Jacob Ehrenstrom

Senior Product Manager

Metrics, Insights, & Impact

M. T.

Direct of Data Science

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