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People at FindingFive

The FindingFive project is made possible by the voluntary work from the following individuals:

Current Contributors

Ting Qian
Ph.D. (2014), University of Rochester

Ting started the FindingFive project as a hobby several years ago. Currently, Ting works on everything that needs to be done at FindingFive, with an emphasis on executing the development of major features, and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the project as well as the non-profit organization.

Noah Nelson
Ph.D. (2020), University of Arizona

Noah was one of the early adopters of FindingFive and joined the FindingFive team in late 2017. Being a core member of the team, Noah actively participates in the development of the FindingFive platform, and the decision-making process of all issues related to our non-profit organization.

Patricia Reeder
Ph.D. (2010), University of Rochester

Patty has been a trusted advisor to the FindingFive project since its inception. She formally joined the team in early 2019 and focuses on identifying grant opportunities for the FindingFive nonprofit organization.

Janet Pauketat
Ph.D. (2017), University of California, Santa Barbara

Janet joined our team in late 2019. She has taken on the responsibilities of understanding potential challenges facing researcher users during the process of using FindingFive, and creating helpful resources to address those challenges.

Jaycie Martin
Graduate Student, University of Arizona

Jaycie joined the FindingFive team in 2019 and is lending her entrepreneurship talent to help with the operations of the FindingFive non-profit organization.

Jingyi Wu
M.S., University of Pennsylvania / Software Engineer at Google

Jingyi joined FindingFive in the summer of 2019. At FindingFive, Jingyi is using her talent in both software engineering and graphics design to improve the user experience of participants and researchers. Currently, Jingyi is leading the effort on creating a set of “design guidelines” for FindingFive.

Yiyun Zhao (former contributor)

Graduate Student, University of Arizona

Yiyun was a research intern at FindingFive in the summer of 2019. Yiyun’s academic interest focused on answering a question of experimental design: why do online participants quit a study? What factors of a study make online participants choose to not finish it? On the software engineering side, Yiyun learned to optimize database queries deployed at FindingFive to make them more efficient.