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People at FindingFive

The FindingFive project is made possible by the voluntary work from the following individuals:


Ting Qian

President; Board Trustee

Noah Nelson

VP of Product; Board Trustee

Rachel Connor

VP of User Experience; Board Trustee

Ashley McDermott

VP of Content

Software Engineering

Ting Qian

VP of Engineering

Xiaohui Pang

Senior Software Engineer (Full-Stack)

Ellen Poplavska

Software Engineer (User Experience)

Bryan Kang

Senior Software Engineer (Reliability)

Haotian Jin

Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

Content Development

Victoria Nicoletta

Lead Content Developer (Video)

Casea Peterson

Content Developer (Platform Tutorials)

Operations & Product

Caryn Ainley

Business Administrator

Jacob Ehrenstrom

Product Operations

Christina Liu

Senior Product Manager (Platform)

Metrics, Insights, & Impact

M. T.

Direct of Data Science

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