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Our Mission

Behavioral research is moving rapidly away from being run in local laboratories to being conducted over the Internet. This transition has many benefits, such as improved generalizability of randomized studies and faster data collection cycles. At the same time, however, it has also presented researchers with technological challenges such as programming an online study and securing participant data. Our mission at FindingFive is to build the technological infrastructure that addresses these challenges on behalf of researchers, so that researchers can focus on the science rather than on the significant demand to set up online experiments. We envision a future where every behavioral researcher can effortlessly conduct online experiments and reach participants from beyond their local communities.


We commit to keeping FindingFive a free platform for behavioral researchers of all ranks – faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and even undergraduate students. Whether you are working on a big grant, or just starting to learn about experimental design in a classroom, we are here to make your scientific exploration easier.


We believe in enabling researchers to conduct open, transparent, and reproducible behavioral research without hassle. FindingFive helps researchers safeguard against non-reproducible findings by maintaining a complete record of the research process, from experimental design to data collection.

Build a community

We treat researchers not as clients but as members of our community. We offer help whenever we can, and work to enable researchers to share with each other the frustration and joy of the research process.

Speak the language of research

We aim to keep the platform free of programming jargons, and instead use scientific terminology that is already familiar to researchers. Whenever problems arise, our support staff, who are also academically trained behavioral researchers, can understand your questions like a colleague.

Promote replication efforts

We are uniquely positioned to serve as a “faithful record keeper” of every research study, simply by documenting the process of how a study is designed, run, and analyzed. We will work towards encouraging replication studies by allowing researchers to share their studies among each other, thereby boosting the overall credibility of behavioral sciences.