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Interested in helping out FindingFive?

Hey there!

FindingFive is looking for a “Chief Operations Volunteer” (if you like fancy titles) to join our current team of three. The COV will be responsible for introducing FindingFive to more behavioral scientists, maintaining active connections with our existing labs, and working with the rest of the team on a variety of tasks on a flexible basis. This is a great opportunity if you’d like to develop communication and persuasion skills – our experiences suggest that although most researchers recognize FindingFive as a great platform, it will take some effort to convince them to try it out. We promise that the feeling of successfully recruiting a new lab will make it worth your effort and time, and to be honest, that feeling is quite addictive. 🙂

The ideal volunteer would meet most of the following criteria:

  • Have a background in a behavioral science field – psychology, cognitive science, (psycho-)linguistics, behavioral economics, etc. You can be either an undergrad, grad student, post-doc or a full-time real academic!
  • Be able to spend about 3-5 hours per week on FindingFive related tasks (roughly 30-45 mins a day).
  • Experiences in fundraising and non-profit organizations are a big plus.
  • Enjoy interacting with FindingFive researcher users and care about their experiences of conducting behavioral studies on FindingFive.

Just to make it clear – since FindingFive is a purely community-supported project, this is a strictly volunteer position. This means that there is no contract, commitment, or financial compensation whatsoever on your or our part. In other words, you need to be driven by the passion of love for behavioral sciences and be motivated by the goal of promoting behavioral sciences.

If you are interested, please send your resume/cv and a brief statement on why you are interested (no more than 100 words) to with a subject that mentions “COV”. We will then schedule a Skype meet-and-greet with you! Questions welcome.


The FindingFive Team

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