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Researcher-end feature update: Your study list now loads a little faster

If you have created quite a few studies on FindingFive, you may have noticed that it took increasingly longer for the study list to load. This was annoying and shouldn’t be the case.

We have recently spent a bit time tackling this issue. There are two factors involved here:

  • Although the study list was paginated (meaning it displays only a few studies per page), the entire list was loaded all at the same time before the list was shown to a researcher. So as you created more studies, the initial loading time increased linearly.
  • Although only the name, the creator, and the last updated time were displayed for each study in the list, a lot of extra information was transmitted anyway.

So to speed up the loading time, we addressed both issues:

  • We implemented page-by-page loading of studies, so that even if you have hundreds of studies, FindingFive now only loads the information about studies on the current page.
  • We cut down on the extra information transmitted. Although the data still contain more than displayed, a lot of unnecessary information is no longer taking up the bandwidth.

Plus, we put in a few finishing touches such as adaptive list length – the number of studies shown on each page is adapted to the size of your browser window.

Hopefully this technical update will make using FindingFive a bit more enjoyable.

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