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New Feature Preview: Mouse Tracking is Ready for Testing!

Tracking mouse movement on a trial allows researchers to get a glimpse into the decision-making process underlying participant responses. If only FindingFive supports mouse tracking as well…oh, hey! Mouse tracking is coming to FindingFive!

Brain dead easy

Following the same modular design of all stimuli and responses in a FindingFive study, implementing mouse tracking on FindingFive is brain dead easy – don’t we all need a break in applying higher cognitive functions? Researchers will just need to create a new response with the new type “mouse_position” (see image below) and add it to trials where mouse tracking is needed! That’s it! FindingFive will take care of the rest!

You can even set the sampling rate of the mouse tracker. In the example above, the position of the mouse is collected 10 times a second. Additionally, you can set the reference point as well – that is, where in the screen counts as the (0,0) starting point.

A preview of the documentation on the new “mouse_position” response can be founded here:

Reset mouse position before every tracking trial

We have also designed two companion components that work in tandem with the above mouse position response: a mouse reset response (documentation here), and a mouse reset trial template (documentation here).

These two components can be used together to create a trial that precedes every actual mouse tracking trial, and it serves the purpose of resetting the position of the mouse by forcing participants to move to a particular location on the screen before they can continue.

Help us test it and provide your feedback

The great news is that the mouse tracking feature is already available for testing on! Please help us test the feature, if your study plans to integrate mouse tracking. Additionally, if you have suggestions or feedback on improving our current implementation, we’d love to hear it!

You know where to reach us:!

Do NOT use it in a production study yet!

It probably goes without saying, but please do not use mouse tracking in a production study until it is stable and mature enough for a wider release! We’ll let you know when that happens.😎