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SUNY Oswego – FindingFive collaboration prototypes Study Store

In collaboration with FindingFive, the students of SUNY Oswego’s software development class, taught by Dr. Bastian Tenbergen, have prototyped a Study Store – think app store for FindingFive research studies!

The Study Store acts as a marketplace for complete, verified FindingFive research studies. Rather than coding up an experiment from scratch, researchers can purchase studies from the store and adapt the code and/or stimuli as necessary for their particular experiments. Additionally, researchers can add their own experiments to the Study Store to the benefit of the research community at large.

SUNY Oswego’s students included the following useful features in the prototype:

  • Search for studies by keyword
  • Browse within a particular behavioral study category (e.g., Language, Perception)
  • Filter studies by duration or cost
  • Save a study to your wishlist
  • View your past purchases and submissions

We hope that a Study Store can make FindingFive accessible for a wider range of researchers, and help crowdsource the coding abilities within the behavioral research community. FindingFive intends to develop this prototype further and publish a Study Store in the future.

Thank you to the SUNY Oswego software engineering students for producing an excellent prototype!