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Researcher Highlight: University of Florida’s Brain and Language Group

We are pleased to introduce our newest Laboratory members from the University of Florida’s Brain and Language Group! Here’s a little bit about these labs and what they plan to study:

Dr. Lori Altmann and the Language Over the Lifespan Lab investigate how individual differences in cognitive ability impact both oral and written language use. They will use FindingFive to examine topics including auditory sentence comprehension following traumatic brain injury, auditory sentence comprehension in ALS, and the relationship between mood, cognition, and performance on writing and reading comprehension tasks.

Dr. Jorge Valdés Kroff and the Bilingual Sentence Processing Lab examine the social, linguistic, and cognitive factors that affect real-time processing of bilingual code-switching, primarily in Spanish-English bilinguals in the US.  The lab will use FindingFive in auditory and written comprehension tasks, as well as tasks that measure cognitive control.

Dr. Eleonora Rossi and the Brain Language and Bilingualism Lab investigate how bilingualism shapes the mind and the brain, with a focus on understanding neural changes that occur at the earliest stages of new language acquisition.

We look forward to supporting these & other research programs using FindingFive!

More on Laboratory Memberships

Our aim at FindingFive is to make online research easy and accessible to behavioral research scientists, allowing everyone to avoid the technological challenges typically associated with remote data collection. That’s why, in addition to offering free Basic accounts, we offer affordable Premium and Laboratory accounts with access to features like scheduling a study session for immediate recruitment of MTurk participants, allowing collaborators to launch new study sessions, and custom data privacy agreements (Laboratory only). For more information on the differences between account types, check out our membership page.


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